Okay…So, this is my first ever blog posting and I’m making it from my quickly dying iPhone, so I need to be quick and will have to post pictures at some point in the future…
I received the challenge pattern for the princess slip, and tried to open it…thought of the month- you can not view patterns on the iPhone, you must use laptop… Oops, sorry for the confusion…

Then I finally went up to the coffee shop on the square and downloaded pattern and instructions, so it could be printed. Pattern printed using ink saving setting…wait, where did my pattern go? I can’t see it! Seems that the lines were do e rather faintly and thinly, so I reprinted on same paper with high quality setting, and I found the pattern! Yay!!!

Pattern downloaded-check
Pattern printed-check
Plants moved from table so I could get to the huge window upstairs to tape pattern together-check
Pattern taped together-check (finally)
Pattern reprinted due to kitty play time-check
Pattern cut out-check
Material cut out-check
Garment languishing with other sewing projects-check, check, check!!!

Whoops, it’s now the end of the month, been helping husband with career change and many, many other projects going on, my fabric I wanted to use was sold out from under me (never trust someone when they say they’ll hold it for you until you can get there)…plus spring hit the garden early this year. So, I’m stuck with not having the slip put together, but I have fond hopes of getting to it soon….